Ongoing Research

  • The Colorado LINK Project: Assessment of multiagency training needs on animal abuse. (P. Tedeschi, PI with F. Ascione, J. Pyle and S. McDonald)
  • Italian youths’ experiences with animal abuse and bullying (collaborative project – F. Ascione, C. Pagani, and F. Robustelli)
  • Field-testing training materials for assessing animal welfare issues in the context of elder adult maltreatment (F. Ascione)
  • Incorporating animal abuse content in risk assessment tools (P. Tedeschi and F. Ascione)
  • Clinical uses of the Cruelty to Animals Assessment Instrument (F. Ascione)
  • Animal abuse and the role of pets in coping among youth in foster care (H. Taussig and E. Garrido with F. Ascione and S. McDonald)



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